Welcome to the Southern Alberta Walleye Trail

Welcome to the Southern Alberta Walleye TrailWelcome to the Southern Alberta Walleye TrailWelcome to the Southern Alberta Walleye Trail

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COVID 19 Information

  Due to the current situation and changes we are facing with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is with best interest for everyone’s health and safety to cancel the proposed May and June SAWT tournaments for this year.  We would like to host a tournament in the fall; hopefully, if the situation improves and the rules are lifted, we will be allowed.  Please check the site for updates. To you and your families, please stay safe. 


Tournament fishing record (pdf)


SAWT 2019 Entry Form (pdf)


Tournament Payout Schedule (pdf)


2020 SAWT Tournament Rules (docx)


SAWT 2019 Entry Form (Word) (docx)


Getting Hooked On Fishing


Congratulations Chad Rambo and Steve Worden 2019 Team Of The Year

A huge  thank you once again to LUND BOATS for once again being a sponsor for the SAWT 2019 trail!


We would like to remind everyone that there is NO Pre-Fishing  allowed the MONDAY-WEDNESDAY prior to each  fishing tournament!!!

2019 Tournament Results

Click the link below for the latest tournament results!

New changes for measuring and scoring fish

PRE-FISHING:  Pre-fishing hours are from half an hour prior to sunrise until 1:00 pm sharp the Thursday prior to the tournament. No pre-fishing can occur from Monday through to Wednesday prior to each tournament.  

 MEASURING FISH: Only Walleye, Sauger and Saugeye are eligible for measuring. All fish will be measured in millimeters (mm) and translated to a pound (lb.) measurement for the purpose of calculating heaviest fish and total weight of all fish entered. All measuring boards will be provided by SAWT and one will be given to each team during boat inspection along with all other necessary paperwork 

 PHOTO PICTURES: All fish are to be measured with the left side of the fish facing up (belly towards the angler). The full fish must be visible in the entire picture. Measured fish can be 45cm or larger when measured with their mouths closed and tails fully pinched. In the event a photo designates a fish to be scored is judged by SAWT to be unscorable, a replacement fish will not be allowed. Any fish that appears to have been mangled, mashed, mauled, or otherwise altered will be credited only at the discretion of SAWT officials and may result in team disqualification for the day or the event.

SCORING PHOTOS: While the fish is being held on the ruler, a "SCORING" photo must be taken of the fish which clearly shows the overall length of the fish. The HEAD and TAIL of the fish must be included and shown clearly. The photograph must be taken of the left side of the fish only. A photo that does not show the list of qualifications above WILL NOT BE SCORED. More than one attempt to get a valid scoring photo is allowed. The fish must then be immediately released back into the water.


CATCH-PICTURE-RELEASE: In the instance when two or more fish are caught at the same time, the Catch-Picture-Release process requires that one fish be measured, photographed, and released as quickly as possible before the next fish can be processed.

SUBMITTING PHOTOS: A maximum of 4 pictures can be on each teams SD card, each of different fish, and one card is submitted per team per day. A team can take multiple pictures of fish but must delete all pictures except the ones the team would like to submit for measuring at the end of the day. It is the responsibility of each team to carefully review all pictures and ensure no duplicates are submitted. *Any duplication of fish will automatically receive a weight of zero and the team may be disqualified at the discretion of the board.* ABSOLUTELY no video editing devices are allowed on any boat at any time. All boards and SD cards are to be submitted immediately after coming off of the water.


Scoring Photos

This is an example of the right way to take a photo to submit

This is an example of the right way to take a photo to submit

This is an example of the right way to take a photo to submit


These are HOW you are supposed to do it. Jaw touching, squeezed tail, no shadows or hands in the way, holding the fish down the middle of the board. 

This is an example of how NOT to take a photo to submit

This is an example of the right way to take a photo to submit

This is an example of the right way to take a photo to submit


Please make sure the pictures are clear and you are able to read the official judge measuring board.

2019 AYA-Angler & Young Angler Tournament



2019 AYA will be held at one of Southern Alberta finest reservoirs. Milk River Ridge is comprised of foothills, wetlands and grasslands home to several species of fish, birds and other wildlife. The Ridge campground is owned by the County of Warner No.5, but managed locally by a private contractor. The campground has 37 power sites and 23 non power sites with most amenities including a canteen, potable water, and septic removal site. Milk River Ridge is located approx 44km south-east of lethbridge along Hwy 506, south of the town of Raymond. Visit http://ridge-park-campground.com/ for more information on the campground and its facilities.

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Congratulations to, and the Bouchard family, Paul, Taylor and Ethan!

Thank you to all of the families and anglers that came out to participate in this years AYA. Thank you to all of our sponsors including LUND Boats!

Congratulations to everyone!

1 Paul Bouchard / Taylor/Ethan 11.86 

2 Michelle Wiebe / Konnor/Lincoln 10.71 

3 Rocky Scmidt / Lynden 9.64 

4 Clinton Williams / Isac/Dusty 9.47 

5 Chad Rambo / Tiegan/Raechal 9.23 

6 Jesse Meyer / Owen/Brayton 9.09 

7 Bob Beaton / Makynna/Dryn 8.75 

8 Kevin Mertz / Jarett/Chase 8.15 

9 Landon Nielson / Ryder/Luka 8.08 

10 Steve Silvernagle / Dominic/Bode 7.99 

11 Cody Godlonton / Kirk 7.69 

12 Stu Traber / Shaun/Oliver 7.23 

13 Dustin Knutson / Hunter/kaydence 6.88 

14 Ron Kormos / Easton/Oakley 6.86 

15 Max Wendorth / Zoey/Aba 6.68 

16 Kelly Flamand / Mathew/tyler 6.54 

17 Syd Woods / Hudson/Kyle 2.35 1 

 18 Giovanni Festa / Jordyn 0.00 


AYA Forms

Click on the link below to download your AYA forms!

what the sawt is about



The SAWT is all about family. We welcome not only fishing enthusiasts but their family and friends too. There's nothing better than seeing and meeting the important people in our fishing members lives at the tournaments! After the first day of fishing in our two day tournament, we gather for a great meal followed by raffle draws you can win donated by so many of our sponsors. We cant express enough the amazing people that are involved in the SAWT, which makes it so enjoyable coming back every year!


Environment and Wildlife

The executives and members of the SAWT care stongly about the future of where we live, wildlife and habitats in which they live in. Thats why our catch and release tournaments are very rewarding, not only do we get to do what we love but year after year we get to enjoy coming back to these beautiful Southern Alberta Lakes fishing for walleye, northern pike without harming the fish population!


Its about the fishing

At the end of the day, its all about the fishing! What can we say other than we love to fish, so why not share it with others who share the same passion.






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We welcome old and new anglers to the trail. If you have a passion for fishing and enjoy the excitement of tournament fishing then you're at the right spot!